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What's New in Version 1.2

Openfeint Leaderboards for every track and total time. 59 Openfeint Achievments with 700+ gamerscore.

Improved 3D glasses support. Ground Effect does not require 3D glasses but supports all common coloured types.




Ground Effect in collaboration with www.FreeAppaDay.com will be Free today and today only

Silky Smooth Arcade Racer - Unique, Simple, Fast. Set on the smoothest, most detailed landscape yet seen on the iPhone. Youtube Search "Ground Effect iPhone" or follow the link to my site for the gameplay video.

"visually stunning with extremely impressive draw distance and silky smooth framerates... The game has a really great sense of speed and movement as you find yourself bobbing over surfaces trying to make the best time, and level designs are also varied and enjoyable...the game is great fun and has kept me coming back" - TouchArcade

"What stood out to us in this game first and foremost are the stunning graphics. The environments are very beautifully rendered, and the contrails behind your skimmer serve two purposes. One is to give you an idea of the flight path of your opponents, and the other is to look really, really cool" - Slide to Play

"Its pedigree is impeccable. Created by Glenn Corpes, the legendary coder of Bullfrog and EA UK games in the 1990s, it looks great, and the accelerometer controls are a delicate combination of solid and sensitive... Like WipEout, the best levels become somewhat Zen-like" - Pocket Gamer

"Anyone who likes racing games and wants something a little different than the usual auto-racing type of game should check out Ground Effect" - cnet

Ground Effect is one of the most fun, exhilarating, addictive & visually impressive games to arrive at the App Store. Think flying, think driving, think racing, then think again! Skim land and seacapes in your high performance ekranoplan at low altitude and breakneck speed, supported by a cushion of air.

Ground Effect is set on a series of scenic, deserted islands, rich in green foliage and dramatic natural features including steep cliffs, winding coastal paths, blue lagoons and breathtaking skies. On each level, terrain varies between challenging courses dodging between rocks and islets and clinging to winding mountain roads.

Developed exclusively for the iPhone and iPod Touch and inspired by ekranoplan technology, Ground Effect boasts incredible 3D graphic detail and the gameplay itself will appeal to lovers of fast-paced, competitive action games as well as those who prefer something more sedate and relaxing.

- 14 challenging levels
- Choice of 10 Ground Effect craft
- Touch or accelerometer controls
- Stunning terrains - courses over land and sea - spanning 70 km2
- Attain speeds of over 400 kmh
- Throttle speed & boost controls
- High score recording
- Replay mode - take over and perfect your performance at any point
- Ghost race - race against your own fastest time
- Free roaming – explore at will
- Huge draw distance
- Sensitive and intuitive flight controls
- Enjoy the in-game music or listen to your iPod

Ground Effect features “A Rock in a Pond”, an amazingly atmospheric track by Diefenbach, from their latest album "Dark Spinner", combined with dramatic sound effects.


Parrot AR.Drone - Quadrotor helicopter iPhone wifi 2 cameras

Parrot AR.Drone - Quadrotor helicopter with wifi and 2 cameras

AR.Drone is designed for flying inside and outside.

For a flight inside! a hull surrounds the propellers and protects the quadricopter if it hits an obstacle, For the outside, a shaped null reduces the area to the wind for a better maneuverability of the quadricopter.

The first helicopter with automatic flight stabilization!

Thanks to the accelerometer of the |Phone iPod touch that is detecting users movements the AR.Drone is very easy to pilot by leaning the
iphone forward to move forward or sidewise to corner or change direction.

AR_Drone camera view on your iPhone screen! Get inside the cockpit of your AR.Drone! Even meters away, keep video remote control thanks to wifi!

Cost around $500, when it ships. You'll get about 15 minutes of battery-powered fly on a one-hour charge.



iPhone is watching you ...... wink