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 I have a little (work in progress) project RunMyTrains.com you'll see the WebCam feed on most pages here, right side. As the name implies, your can change camera views, turn on my Garden Railroad trains, along with a few other things. Oh yea, if you see me or Denise wave :-) Sorry it's a bit slow, as I can't seem to get a good UpSide Bandwidth at my location :-(

I also work on LifeOnThePlateau.com site, if you have anything to share about the Plateau, feel free to contact me to have it posted. Give it a try, I can always use some input.

Thanks TackyTed

Why the Crossville Model RailRoad Club is nolonger here

Not Burnt Out, more like Burnt Up.

I'm the former WebMaster of the site for the Crossville Model RailRoad Club. In 2005 I place on line a single WebPage for the train club. A few months later I took out this domain name (CrossvilleMRC.com) added it on to my little ole webserver, again for promotion of our train club .

At the 2007 club picnic, I was informed by a few people that the club had a New Model RailRoad site and that they should supply that site with the info for the club, It allready had links to it as the clubs site. This was News to me! Until that day no one had mentioned any major complaints about the Crossville Model RailRoad site. Thus I had a rude awaking and it sure spoiled the taste of the fine food at that club event for me.

Unfortunately after that picnic I started to loose interest in doing the Train site for the club. After a period of time I told them to find someone else. It had been enjoyable til this point in time.

Shame a very few that wanted these changes, but they didn't have the balls to input suggestions for improvements for the site to my face. Just went and place a new WebSite online behind my back!

Let it be known that most (98.5714%) of the Railroad Club members are fine people and I have enjoyed working with them and will continue to do so.

end rant